All Natural Raw Cacao Powder - 328g
All Natural Raw Cacao Powder - 328g

All Natural Raw Cacao Powder - 328g

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SaBroso makes artisan chocolate products made from 100% natural pure cacao beans from Camiguin "the island born of fire" in Mindanao. Our cacao beans are grown by local farmers in the region and made into chocolate by skilled SaBroso chocolatiers to give you that rich, aromatic, distinct taste and flavor with every cup or bite of SaBroso chocolate. 

SaBroso 100% All Natural Cacao - 328g is the raw and least-processed-healthier version of cocoa:

Most healthy and vegan recipes use cacao powder because of its minimal processing and high nutrition density. Use cacao powder for hot chocolate, shakes cakes, cookies and all your favorite chocolate desserts.

Eat healthier! Ways to enjoy cacao powder in your healthy diet:

Guilt-free hot chocolate or shake
-Add to smoothies or yogurt
-Add to your oatmeal or champorado
-Mix in your cake and brownies recipes


For SaBroso Products Recipes:


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