Our Story

SaBroso makes artisan chocolate products made from 100% pure cacao beans from the island of Camiguin, "The Island Born of Fire". The owners' passion and love for Cacao, the desire to support local cacao farmers, to help promote tourism and create livelihood in the island is the fire which continuously fuels the business.


Sabroso uses cacao beans cultivated from Camiguin's rich and fertile volcanic soil. Combined with the Philippine's climate it produces high quality cacao beans with a distinct taste and aroma you can only experience with Sabroso chocolate products. 

SaBoso Tsokolate

Tsokolate is the traditional Filipino thick and rich tablea hot chocolate drink, made from pure ground and roasted cacao beans. Sabroso's unique shell shaped cacao tablea is 100% pure all natural cacao with no sugar, no additives and preservatives. Each Tablet will surely awaken your taste buds and let you experience that rich tasting Filipino tsokolate experience.