1. Where can I buy Sabroso? 
Check out Store Locator on the top left of our website for our list of partner stores nearest you.
2. Is Sabroso really all natural and 100% pure tablea? 
Yes, each sabroso product is made of 100% all natural pure cacao. No sugar added, no preservatives or additives. its pure chocolate. We are also Halal certified. 
3. Are Sabroso products available online? 
Yes! You can order here in our website or visit our Sabroso Shop in Shopee and Lazada. In Cebu we are available too in Cloudcart.
4. Can someone with Comorbidities or is Diabetic eat or drink  sabroso chocolate? 
Yes since Sabroso products are all natural and has no sugar. Sugar and dairy is upon the discretion of the person consuming the products. 
Studies show that Cacao is rich in antioxidants and has numerous health benefits - helps improve blood circulation which can lower Cholesterol and high blood pressure; mood booster and can help with weight loss to name a few.
5. Can I apply as a reseller of SaBroso products?
Yes! Click on the Partner With Us link at the bottom of our website. Fill up the form and someone from our Sales team will be in touch to discuss the business with you.
6. Do you have wholesale prices?
Yes we do. Click on the Contact Us link at the top left of our website and message us on the products you would like to purchase in bulk.